Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello Fellow Beef Lovers,

Looking for something warm and cozy for those busy and cool fall days? No fear, we've got your beef here!

 If you're looking for our popular 30lb All - Season Variety BoxesSummer Sausage, and some of our other delicious beef products, please contact us at any time. We do our best to have beef on hand at all times, unless said product is seasonal, or we end up selling out quickly.

Quarters and Sides

If you're wanting to buy quarter or a side of beef, we still have all your beef needs covered, but we need some advance notice - especially since they are all customized per your beef wishes and needs! See below for harvest updates. Check out our custom packages to begin, and we'll start customizing from there!

October Harvest
     We've been taking orders for the Late-October Harvest, but still have some spots left, So if you're looking to have beef for the rest of the fall, please give us your orders as soon as you can.

     As always, a great big thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends for making it possible for us to do what we love.

Next Harvest
 At this time, we don't have another harvest (specifically for custom quarters and sides) scheduled until January 2019. Note: our other beef products remain available between now and January.

Any Questions?
Drop us a note or give us a call (519-656-3020) if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to help and happy to do so!

If you'd like to be on our mailing list, please send us a note at

Thanks so much,
Val & Brad Cober

˙Prices Current May 1 2017, and are subject to change.