Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello Fellow Beef Lovers,

     Are you excited for summer? Can you picture leaning over your plate, and biting into a mouthwatering, fully loaded juicy burger? The best ones run down your fingers, and make napkins a necessity:).

     As summer approaches, and is sure to be filled with a whole lot of grilling, don't forget to subject your grill to some spring cleaning too. It will improve the taste of your food. To maintain your grill after the spring cleaning, we suggest using metal brushes while the grill is preheating.  We have a few updates for you:

June Harvest 
We are almost entirely sold out for the June harvest.

  • Still Available: 
    • Nuthin' But the Beef Burgers (nothing added, just our beef).
    • Summer Sausage (arriving early June). 
  • Sold out
    • Quarters and Sides
    • Summer Variety Boxes
    • All - Season Variety Boxes

July and August Harvests
     We are taking orders for the July and August harvests already. Make sure to order so you don't miss out on some incredible grilling! 

     A great big thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends for making it possible for us to do what we love.

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Any questions? 

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Thanks so much,
Val & Brad Cober

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