Is it Done Yet (temps and tips)

Done-ness: Internal Cooking Temperatures and Safety

     If you've ever wondered about the appropriate internal temperatures for beef done-ness in various types of cuts, then you are in luck - they're right here. I took the following 3 screenshots from the Government of Canada's "Healthy Canadians" website.

Note: I've taken the liberty of pasting the beef info below, but don't hesitate to check out their site for other safe meat/poultry temperatures too. It's important to follow these guidelines!

The Dummies Guide to Carving a Roast:

     I figured that it was safe to include the dummies guide to carving a roast, as I can honestly say that when it comes to carving a roast, I am a dummy myself. I actually have absolutely, positively, NO idea how to do it. Then again, I've never had to do it. My hubby, my father, and my father-in-law are amazing at it, and although I'm sure I could do it, there just hasn't been a need (why fix something that isn't broken? I'd rather be making the gravy anyway....)

     That said, I did manage to find someone who DOES know what they are doing, with a short and sweet tutorial (under 2 min.). Hope it helps!

     Happy Carving!